• Ghost Inc. G42 & G43 Pro Trigger Connector for Glock 42/43

Ghost G42&G43 Pro Triger Connector for Glock 42/43

This product is a bump-free trigger control tab connector designed for the Glock 42/43 models. It is designed to be a travel eliminating connector that fits snugly on the device. With the Ghost G42/G43 Pro Trigger Connector, be sure that you install it first to see if any trimming or reducing is needed. A test you’ll want to perform is whether applying extra pressure releases the firing pin. If this occurs, you’ll want to trim down the connector a little at a time until you get a smooth, clean release.

Arguably the smoothest connector on the market today, those who own the Glock 42/43 models have been looking forward to this particular device. Designed solely for the Glock 42/43, it offers a number of attributes for this weapon.


  • Reduces Trigger Weight by 3lbs.
  • Smoother than All Other Triggers
  • Shorter Pull Eliminates over Travel
  • Lightest of all Stage Free Trigger
  • Flawless Function
  • Minor Fitting Needed
  • Ghost Lifetime Guarantee

All things considered the G42/G43 Pro is the best target and self-defense trigger control connector from the impressive line of Ghost products. By providing a smoother, shorter and lighter trigger control that eliminates over-traveling, it provides you with the best, fastest, most accurate first shot advantage for any of the self-defense triggers of Glock products.


The G42/G43 Pro also fixes the glitch or bump that is part of the pre-travel resistance that has to be overcome when pulling the trigger. This occurs when the trigger bar bumps into the connector and creates conditions where you must apply extra force that can ruin your aim. In addition, this product eliminates the over-travel or excessive movement of the trigger after the pistol has fired. This motion causes the pistol to change alignment and creates conditions where the shot goes low and off to the side.

All in all, this is the finest of all trigger connectors that Ghost has made for the Glock series G42/G43 and provides you with proper self-defense capabilities. It is recommended that a armorer or gunsmith actually install the connector, but only minor fitting is required.

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Ghost Inc. G42 & G43 Pro Trigger Connector for Glock 42/43

  • Brand: Ghost Inc
  • Product Code: GHO-G42-43-2424-L-1
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  • $54.99CAD

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