• Ghost Inc. G42 & G43 Edge Trigger Connector for Glock 42/43

Ghost G42 & G43 Edge Triger Connector for Glock 42/43


The increasingly popular Ghost Edge trigger connectors for the favourited Glock® pistols have been specifically designed in order to replace the original, factory manufactured trigger connectors in order to provide you with a much smoother and lighter trigger pull that will help to place you at the very top of your game. Not only that, the Edge trigger is exceptionally easy to install. The Edge trigger has been specially factory polished in order to provide the user with the smoothest operation possible. All Ghost trigger connectors come with an impressive 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee which means you can rest assured knowing that you have only the highest quality of connector for your Glock®. The Ghost 42/43 is a quick and easy drop-in assembly, and weighs in at only 3lbs which makes it far lighter and smoother than the very original Ghost connector.

The Edge trigger connector for the prestigious Glock® 42/43 is exceptionally smooth, helps to significantly reduce the overall trigger weight and helps to fully eliminate the Glock® pre-travel bump when shooting. This bump (or ‘glitch’ as it’s often referred to) is typically the first form of resistance you will feel when the firearm’s trigger bar suddenly bumps into the connector which causes you to move the pistol, which can result in affecting your first shot of accuracy.

Ghost Edge Trigger Connector Features and Key Details:

  • Much lighter.
  • Reduces trigger weight by up to 3lbs.
  • Much smoother.
  • Allows for perfect functionality.
  • Includes Ghost 100% Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Quick, easy, and simple, drop-in assembly which means no fitting is required.

The Edge trigger connection is quite simply one of the greatest self-defense drop-in connectors that is readily availe on today’s market and by changing a few simple springs you can give yourself one of the best sport trigger connector’s around. The Ghost Edge trigger connector is nothing short of impressive and is certainly one of the leaders in evolutionary drop-in style trigger connectors available, which makes it one of the highest recommended trigger connections for  Glock® pistols.

Be at the very top of your game with the Ghost Edge trigger connector.

The Ghost Edge trigger connector provides the user with a far greater, faster, and far more accurate first shot every time, guaranteed. Edge are constantly on the lookout for new ways in order to improve their popular trigger connectors in order to make their customers, just like you, a better shooter. Better shooting comes with greater accuracy which means you are guaranteed to win on both the one-way and two-way shooting ranges. The Ghost Edge trigger is no doubt smoother and lighter but it will always guarantee to eliminates the unnecessary Glock® pre-travel bump, which means you will have the utmost and greatest advantage on the range and when shooting.

It’s no secret that the Ghost Edge trigger control connector will makes all others in its league obsolete, we promise that once you have given it a try, you will want to agree too! So what are you waiting for? Order your Ghost Edge trigger control today!

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Ghost Inc. G42 & G43 Edge Trigger Connector for Glock 42/43

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