• Mesa Tactical SureShell Carrier for Remington 20-GA

Mesa Tactical SureShell Carrier for Remington 870/1100/11-87 (20-GA)

Available in three configurations: four-shell, six-shell and eight-shell.

The very popular brand of Mesa Tactical has always had a primary goal when it comes to producing high-quality tactical shotgun accessories and products. That goal is to always be your first choice. Mesa Tactical have continually met their goal and with the eagerly awaited introduction of their brand new SureShell Carrier for the Remington (20-GA), they are hitting above and beyond that goal.

The Mesa Tactical SureShell Carrier for Remington (20-GA)

Shell carriers are fashioned from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, which makes them incredibly robust and durable. The primary difference between a specific model of a SureShell carrier and another, apart from the shell capacity, is the design of the backing plate, which is manufactured to mount a specific carrier assembly on to a specific model of shotgun, in this case the Remington. SureShell carriers for the Remington use what is known as the trigger group pinholes in order to tightly secure the carrier to the weapon, whereas other types of firearms take advantage of the alternative factory-tapped rail mounting holes which are situated in the tops of the firearm.

The SureShell shotshell carriers from Mesa Tactical are come in three main configurations, which are four, six and eight-shell variations. Good news for lefties, the six and eight-shell variations can be placed and installed on the left side of your shotgun’s receiver, while the four shell variation can be installed on both left or right-hand sides of the shotgun’s receiver. Let’s not forget to mention that the Mesa Tactical SureShell Carriers can even be placed and installed pointed back, facing towards the stock.

The Mesa Tactical SureShell Carrier Components

When installing any form of carrier to your firearm, it’s important that you identify the components and understand their purpose to ensure a perfect attachment every time.

The Mesa Tactical SureShell Carrier comprises of an aluminum backing plate, yoke and also a  Santoprene® elastomer tube. The carrier’s yoke comes with four to eight robust vertical bores, either .700” or .810” in diameter in order to accept 12-gauge or 20-gauge shotgun shells. The shotgun’s ammunition is securely kept in place by the elastomer tube holding tight with the bores. Your shotgun shells can be stored with confidence, either in a brass up or brass down setup. Nevertheless, brass up is known to be the most secure.

The type of elastomer that is used to interfere with the shotgun shell bores is able to retain the shells inside the SureShell shotshell carrier. Which is made from a form of tough Santoprene thermoplastic.

Important Mesa Tactical SureShell Carrier Information

It’s important to mention that this particular type of SureShell aluminum shotshell carrier, unfortunately, can not be placed or correctly installed on the right-hand-side of a semi-automatic Remington shotgun. In order to utilise a six or eight shot SureShell carrier (on the left-hand-side) on your Remington 870, you are required to use a tactical forend which shouldn’t overlap across the receiver. Nevertheless, a factory forend which has been specifically cut down may also be used effectively.

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Mesa Tactical SureShell Carrier for Remington 20-GA

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